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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

~Ernest Hemingway

As well as ghostwriting nearly sixty manuscripts for clients, I am also fortunate to be a published author myself.  Here’s a bit of information on each one, along with their Amazon link.  You’re invited to take a peak.

My first book, Brophey’s Forest Adventures, is one that I am particularly excited about.  The reason is that it was my first manuscript I ever submitted and I started writing it back in college.  I’d always held on to it—something amazing for somebody who is not a pack rat—and found it when I was preparing to move about four years ago.  I typed it up and sent it out.  YES, I was thrilled to get that letter saying the publisher was interested.

Brophey’s Forest Adventures is a children’s chapter book for ages 5 through 10, but also makes for a great book for adults to read with their smaller children or older children to read to smaller kids.  If you know a child who loves animals, adventures, mysteries, fairies, and the forest, you know a child who’d really enjoy Brophey’s Forest Adventures.

Available in Paperback and Kindle at:


The book, Gideon’s Loop: The Gideon Legacy, was co-written with Terry Persinger.  It takes readers on an action packed adventure of an underground group, the Patriots, who are helping the world by trying to stop the Elite from reaching their goal of world-wide domination.  The story involves lots of action, adventures, martial arts, a bit of sci-fi, and many exciting moments that lead to a high impact ending.

Gideon’s Loop: The Gideon Legacy is a young adult/adult fiction book that is geared towards 12 through 20 year age range.  If you know somebody that wants to be wrapped up in their stories due to some wild imagination, lots of action, and loads of innovative adventure, they’d be interested in this story.

Available at the iBook Store at:  http://itunes.apple.com/GideonsLoop-TheGideonLegacy

Available on Kindle right now at:  http://www.amazon.com/GideonsLoop-TheGideonLegacy

*In June 2012, it will also be available in Paperback through Amazon.

The adult contemporary novel, Second Time Around, was co-written with Dr. Peter Sacco.  It is a thoughtful and insightful look into the relationship between two people, Arthur and Judy, and the journey they go through as they each decide they’d be more comfortable in the body of the opposite sex.  The story has some dark humor and you cannot help but cheer for these characters as they transform into Helen and Thad.

If you enjoy books that talk about how complex relationships are using characters that are in-depth and completely lovable, you’ll really enjoy Second Time Around.

Available on Nook at:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/second-time-around

Available on Kindle at:  http://www.amazon.com/Second-Time-Around

In the works…

Some exciting projects are under way, which haven’t moved quite as quickly as I’d imagined but for great reasons!  My ghostwriting and editing career has kept me moving quickly, full speed ahead, and I am so excited to help my clients and receive exciting follow-up emails, thanking me for helping them get traditionally published—something that is still a major goal for many authors, despite the self-publishing route, which is also an exciting and possibly lucrative journey.

Would you like to be the next one to hear some exciting news about your manuscript?  Send me an email and find out what it takes to take your idea and get it to the point where it’s ready to meet an eager world.  Contact me at Create@JillMcKellan.com.

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